No challenge for July or for July and August?

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Hi, I would like to ask if there will be a challenge for July or for July and August?

Thanks :)


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  • HylasHylas Posts: 4,831

    I will put one up shortly... it will be a double month, July+August!

  • emanuela1emanuela1 Posts: 545

    Ok, thank you!:)

  • Halcon BlueskyHalcon Bluesky Posts: 336

    Hylas To stay focused, give us something to work with, don't be too demanding, Masterpieces take too long, it must be a balanced work of love and inspiration

    Previous contests were too harsh to my liking.

    If I am going to enter I want something engaging with no strings attached.


  • HylasHylas Posts: 4,831

    What are some good themes in your opinion?

  • Halcon BlueskyHalcon Bluesky Posts: 336

    Hylas Let's see!

    How about a department store environment?

    The idea, the salesman or saleswoman attending prospective customers ready to buy a product.

    To populate the idea, I need to gather some free items and get working on a concept, I don't know how will be the finished result.

    After all, is imagination what is needed, and I know the competition will be tight if others get in, come on, let's get started!

  • Faeryl WomynFaeryl Womyn Posts: 3,454
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    Well one idea, considering the time of year, is a beach party or bbq or anything having to do with the beach, with a twist, it's on another planet or heaven or hell ??? can be human and/or alien or demons or angels.


    Let everyone come up with thier own idea for a render, but they must say what the render is about, so we know if the image fits their own theme.

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  • Halcon BlueskyHalcon Bluesky Posts: 336

    Faeryl Womyn I don't know if that ideas of yours would work.

    The beach? I don't think it would be fantastic.

    Heaven or Hell? Demons and Angels, Hmm, not my liking.

    What I am suggesting, this challenge may be simple at first, but you have to be imaginative and add your own spin on that, overall it could make sense as an standpoint.

    Now, let Hylas and the other Daz Volunteers decide what kind of task we can do. 

  • SofaCitizenSofaCitizen Posts: 1,691

    Well, I think you'll unfortunately struggle to find many department stores - as freebies or otherwise. Such assets are in short supply so may limit the range/variety of what people can find :(

    As a compromise, how about something like "Warm Smiles" as a topic? I agree it's a bit weak but the best I can come up with right now that kinda-of covers what's already been said: It allows a scene with a salesperson greeting customers with a happy and welcoming demeanor to encourage the sale. It also covers a beach scene with a group of friends (or strangers) coming together to enjoy the weather/environment/food/activity - this can be on a traditional "earthly" beach or one from a more imaginative world and allows for any kind of figures - providing you can make them smile :)

    Also, as it's quite a vague/open topic it would also hit the requirement of not being too demanding as people who are busy in this period can perhaps do a portrait showing a smile on a single figure while others who have more time available can do a bigger scene with multiple figures?

  • HylasHylas Posts: 4,831

    To be clear, I have no shortage of ideas wink but it's interesting to hear what kind of challenges users do and don't enjoy, we may even steal an idea or two for upcoming challenges!

    for what it's worth, I try to always pick themes that can be interpreted in multiple ways.

  • SofaCitizenSofaCitizen Posts: 1,691

    Ahh, OK, that's good then - looking forward to seeing what is selected for this challenge :)

    A topic that is open to many ways of interpretation is definitely the best idea (IMHO) so as to not railroad the images too much and allow some creative thinking to thrive.

    Perhaps another alternative, if you ever did run out of topic ideas, could be to select one specific freebie and then have the challenge to use it (and atleast 4 others) in a scene. Slightly different style of challenge and not sure how you would select the freebie to base things around unless one of the organisers had made it to "donate" to the challenge.

  • Halcon BlueskyHalcon Bluesky Posts: 336

    Glad to see you around SofaCitizen in the threads.

    No neeed for an store front neither a shopping center.

    The idea is pretty simple, to portray sales people doing their best to get a deal done with prospective customers.

    Play around with many free props of any kind, I can show you how this can be done, situation is I don't want to spoil the fun.

    I believe this can be interesting.

    Sure, there are a few Environments like store fronts, and commercial centers, unfortunately these are expensive, not found here but somewhere else.

    To avoid these shortcomings, other free environment can do the trick. Have you got the idea? 

    Come on, just let's get started, I am pumped up to do something interesting out of nothing.

  • Halcon BlueskyHalcon Bluesky Posts: 336

    Hylas well the idea I have, can be done in several ways.

    Give a try this kind of concept, and you will see for yourself if the others can be up to the task.

    I want to run wild my imagination.

  • pericolopericolo Posts: 214

    What about a cyberpunk render? No specific theme, just cyberpunk...

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 5,852

    I have to apologise for the lack of July Challenge, I had promised in our team that I would put it up but then I got buried in real life and completely forgot. Was away from the computer this last week on top of everything. I'm now back and wel will knit something together soon.

    Thanks to Hylas for trying to step up where I failed

  • HylasHylas Posts: 4,831

    Linwelly said:

    I have to apologise for the lack of July Challenge, I had promised in our team that I would put it up but then I got buried in real life and completely forgot. Was away from the computer this last week on top of everything. I'm now back and wel will knit something together soon.

    Thanks to Hylas for trying to step up where I failed

    These things happen heart

  • Halcon BlueskyHalcon Bluesky Posts: 336

    Linwelly You have been busy and did not have time to see what is going on when away from the computer?

    Sometimes I am doing something else, and I do not have time to do what I really want to enjoy when using the computer.

    It's unavoidable, what we can do if there is a situation that require some priority.

    I do feel angry at times, because I have to assist my relatives with anything kind of issue they may have.

    That's life, go on and try to get it sorted out.

    Hylas I hope you can get something that could be engaging, not too hard and neither too easy, a balanced task.

    If that is interesting then I will see what can I do, I want to know if I have gained better skills or not using Daz Studio.


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