Ticket system not working (Solved, close please)

The ticket wsystem is not working to contact you. I get a "not xxxx?" when I log in and it is not my name listed there.

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    Thread with info to contact Daz http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/115/

    It has been reported that the site is showing the wrong name in that section. you cannot access their private data and nor can they access your data.

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    Yes, this is a known issue, there are two or three threads about it already in this or other forums. It is an annoyance, and nothing more. As soon as you click on the "not bill bloggs" or whatever you get, it sends you to a sign in screen, where you can then login to your account and/or the forums.

    So no need for a ticket, it has already been reported in the bug tracker.

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    Ok this can be closed then.

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