If there's any artists out there short of inspiration I'd love to see some of the costumes from Liza Minelli's Cabaret - love that whole Germany in the thirties style,


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    I think all of this is available to buy right now. Not in one outfit, you'll have to kitbash and probably mix-and-match across generations, but it's all there. The '20s and '30s aren't particularly well represented in any of the stores, Daz or otherwise, but there is enough to put together a Cabaret style scene. Not only a scene; I think I could make an entire point-and-click adventure set in that era with the clothing and hair that's available.

    So, in the spirit of that era, why not post an outfit you particularly want and I bet we can point you in the direction of something close. It won't be exact, nothing ever is, but close.

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