A Luthbel Shogun HD for Genesis 9 (male)?!

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So I wanted to ask @Luthbel if they would do a Samurai armor like the Shogun HD but for Genesis 9 (male)!?

Their stuff is soo good and I really want more armor stuff for G9!

And the Desperado HD for Genesis 9 also at some point,  but hopefully dForced and awesome :)


And BTW now that Daz does some Star Wars fanart products perhaps do a G9 version of "Galactic Smuggler HD" which is still only for G2M.

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    Based on their past releases, I'd be a little surprised if they remade Shogun for G9, as it was released fairly late in G8's life cycle, and Desperado was remade for G8 after G9 was already in full swing. Even Wildenlander Watch was a companion to the original G2 Wildenlander, rather than updating the original for the new generation, and there were no Wildenlander products at all for G8. We might be due for a new War Dog, or Galactic Smuggler as you suggested, but I wouldn't get my hopes up about a G9 Shogun. Maybe Way of Shinobi or Wise Sensei?

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    Well it's up to Daz and/or Luthbel to decide whether or not to do a Shogun... Even tho it was released "fairly late in G8's life cycle" it's still allowed to wish for it or a a different kind of Samurai armor for G9 and same with the desperado HD. I don't say it have to be exactly the same armor that is for G8M but still as cool! Believe it's the only samurai armor on Daz Atleast as a armor piece, I know there are some "strawhats" or what they are called, just that is what the are called in the game Ghost Of Tsushima.
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    I know it's allowed to wish for something, and that it's up to Luthbel whether to remake Shogun for G9 or produce a similar product. I'm just telling you what I think is likely based on the pattern of Luthbel's previous releases.

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