Any G9 to G8 hair converter?

Request here for a Genesis 9 to Genesis 8 Hair Cconverter for polygon AND dforce SBH hair.


  • TimberWolfTimberWolf Posts: 285

    I'm not sure why anyone would need this. I can understand clothing and character conversion because, although straightforward, it's tedious and unforgiving of mistakes but hair? If there was a market for it it would already have been done by one of the usual PAs.

    Solution here:

    Any auto-fit converter would cause more problems than it solves.

  • MasterstrokeMasterstroke Posts: 1,884

    In my specific case, this is about 
    dForce AK Curly Long Hair for Genesis 9 | Daz 3D
    Art Ken still makes hairs for G8F, but especially this one, which would be the kind of style I needed is Genesis 9 only.

    "Any auto-fit converter would cause more problems than it solves."
    Here the conversion looks o.k., but there is no way to have dforce simulations with it.

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