Live In Store Now! - Wild Flowers Vol 2 - Coming Soon (Commercial)

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Are they wild flowers, or are they weeds? the plants in this bundle are certainly loved by some and loathed by others, all three species commonly occuring both in nature in meadows and also in gardens and other urban situations.

Bundle and individual speciesare in store and on sale now!  Find them here

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    Those little purple darlings above... What not to fall into at the end of a long run/walk on the Cherry Creek Trail! Or just brush against. But they are nice to look at in bunches.

    Thank you sir.

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    The Wild Flowers Vol 2 Bundle is now live and on sale in the store! 

    Consisting of three different species ( all available as standalone bundles) : Knapweed , English Plantain and Sweet Woodruff  (all of which are available individually too - just click on their names here to have a look at them), its the perfect complement to my recent meadow flowers bundle

    Also designed to be integrated in to things like Ultrascenery ( use alienator) or Ultrascenery 2 ( use alienator pro 2 when it releases the plants come with ready made alienator 2 settings!) its the perfect foil for the more brightly colored wild flowers and great for adding some realism to your renders!


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    Here is another image using the Wild Flowers Volume 2 Bundle - Fiind it HERE

    Specifically using the Sweet Woodruff and English Plantain models -    And... a little teaser...

    The plants here were placed in an Ultrascenery 2 landscape using a new and rather nifty set of bioms which are coming to a store near you soon. Howie and I have been working hard in our digital nursery for some months to bring you some exciting new plants and ecosystems for the new ultrascenery, this is a close up look at one of the first ones to be released.

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