Scripted way of getting the currently used parameters over the timeline

I have an issue where I need to save an animated Shaping Preset, but I don't wan to save ALL the shape parameters.

I got so excited when I discovered that, when saving a shaping preset, you can right-click and "Ckeck All Modified" as this sounded exactly like what I needed.

However, my excitement soon turned to frustration when I realised that this was only checking the parameters that were modied on the first frame.. not ones which are modified throughout the timeline :(

So, I was thinking that perhaps what I need could be achieved with scripting but I fear that looping over every property of every node for every frame of the timeline and figuring out if it's been modified or not will be incrediably slow.

Is there an existing way to get a list of all properties that get modified throughout the timeline with scripting?

Or, is there at least a function to return all "currently used" parameters for a given frame?



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