Why do Daz+ coupons expire before the end of the month?

There are still a couple of hours left in May. I was going to use my coupon for something tonight, but now it's showing up as not valid and it's gone from my Daz Plus page. Does anyone know when on the last day of the month the coupons expire? Is it GMT? 


  • Charlie JudgeCharlie Judge Posts: 12,522

    They should be valid until DAZ midnight tonight. Sometimes the new coupon code is posted a bit early and before it is valid. Just change the coupon you see to be 05 instead of 06.

  • I tried that, but no dice. It says Coupon Code Not Valid. 

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 23,513

    This early coupon expiration has been complained about for months, but it has not been corrected.

  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 7,681

    Must also remember that certain items are excluded from coupon usage,  like daz+plus and fastgrab, which will trigger coupon not valid.

  • ANGELREAPER1972ANGELREAPER1972 Posts: 4,438

    where in the world do you live? could be timezones thing too like here in Australia we're like a day ahead but we still get the new monthly coupons at 12am 1st every month though some of our states have different timezones as do America? have some states with different time zones so maybe the state Daz is in is like an hour earlier or more  than your area?

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    Make sure your coupons haven't changed to the next month's coupons yet. It happened to me on the last day of the month. Probably has something to do with daz time. If you copy and paste the codes without paying attention, there's a chance you're trying to use June's coupons. If that's the case, just change the coupons' dates back to May and they should work. For example if your coupon is 06_24DAZPLUS, but it's still May 31 2024. Change the coupon to 05_24DAZPLUS and it should work, provided other requirements are met.

    Edit: Sorry my post didn't reach you in time. I posted shortly after you've asked the question, but because it was my first post, it didn't get mod approved until this morning. Did you ever figure out why your coupons didn't work?

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