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I have the new Ursula hair which clearly shows ringlets in the promo but there are no parameters that I can see to achieve these shapes. Several of the baby hairs also seem to be locked to where they are not visible in the parameters tab (closed eye) and I'm unable to turn them on. I specifically purchased this hair for the ringlets and would appreciate any tips to achieve promo shapes in pic six.


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    It's a strand-based hair... so 1stly expand the scalp node in Scene pane, see if there is any baby hair nodes under the root node.

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    After the hair is loaded:

    • In the Scene Tab select HS UP Scalp G9
    • In the Parameters tab select HS UP Scalp G9 → General → Graft
    • Switch the hair on/off

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  • Select the scalp in the scene tab then under parameters you have to un-hide the visibility of the baby hairs (can't miss them, they are all colored red) after that you can just click the little eye icon in the scene tab to select which baby hair you wish to show.

    Never come across this before,maybe having them hidden in the parameters tab saves on computing resources.


    This is the first SB hair utilizing the omni shader where the line tessellation is set to 1.... which really helps with noise but at the expense of that lovely curvature of the individual hairs.

    just doing a test now and it seems that to have the best of both worlds its just a case of longer... much longer render times.

    So if you are close enough to notice the individual hairs (which look amazing with this new omni shader) then you best remember to change the tessellation to 0 otherwise, for the sake of render time leave it set to 1.

  • Actually having completed the quick test it appears to be more nuanced than merely render time!...straight out the box tessellation at 1 looks great, it appears to interact with the default lighting in a much more pleasing way but at the expense of that lovely curvature.

    More testing required with different hair and lighting.

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    1 min renders with default lighting...

    line tessellation 0

    line tessellation 1 (default)


    0-1 1min.png
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    0-0 1min.png
    2000 x 2000 - 6M
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  • crosswindcrosswind Posts: 5,509
    It seems the first time for me to see conditional grafts on an SBH. The hair looks nice!
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