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Bonjour Internet,

I have an artwork magazine project on Bryce, I would like to know what render quality I should export my projects to have the best printing quality without the images being blurry or pixelated and I would also like to print a poster and know what quality and format I should do?

Do you have any feedback or experiences to advise me?

Thank you community

Love u



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  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,822

    Great idea, such a project. Unfortunately, I do not know the answers to your questions. I hope some people that did some printing from Bryce will provide advice.

  • @Hansmar i would to see one result or if i can have some tips for renders setup to print etc.. ahaha Bryce communauty i calling you


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    Hi, did you succeed with that?

    If not, let me say...

    Printing is usually done in 300 dpi resolution, and usually we see digital things on the monitor in 72 dpi resolution.

    Which means... you should choose rendering size based on paper space you're getting.

    Let's imagine your print will be A4 paper size (210 x 297 mm). That means 2580x3508 pixels because of 300 dpi (if it was 72 dpi, it would be just 545x842 pixels instead, but then it would not be great quality if printed).


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    And the kind of files  types   +   Thanx

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    Hi people,
    I tried to search on google, here etc.. i "find" how to get 300dpi i made render to disk and i choose 300dpi but im not sure is good way..
    for example this is my render with 300dpi but the quality still blury :/

    and how to switch CMJN format ?

    second option
    is go photoshop and play with some effect but for me is cheat ^^ i would to use only  bryce

    MTL EARTH.png
    2480 x 2480 - 7M
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,340
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    Identifiant - forget dpi, they are for nothing. There is no dpi information in any graphics file (bmp, TIFF, jpg, png, ...). Just render in the necessary size. Example:
    Width of printed document 10 cm = 3.94 inch at 300 dpi
    Render 1181 px wide (3.94 x 300).

    Many years ago (2006) I made renders with different sizes for Photo Prints 11 x 15 cm = 4.3 x 5.9 inch. Rendered Height x Width:
    480 x 640 = 4.4 lines/mm = 112 lines/inch
    600 x 800 = 5.5 lines/mm = 140 lines/inch
    768 x 1024 = 7 lines/mm = 179 lines/inch
    1024 x 1280 = 9.3 lines/mm = 236 lines/inch
    Note that lines/inch and not dots/inch are the measures used in printing and photo-printing.

    Unfortunately, I lost the Bryce 5 file for this test, but you can easily do such a one. Below a 200 dpi scan of the lowest resolution photo (112 line/inch).

    Horo Photo Print Test

    800 x 611 - 111K
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  • Thhanks a lot for them infos ! <3
    Horo the boss

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