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Greetings to all,

I'm VERY new to 3d and DAZ and I have a question.  For a project I'm working on, is anyone capable of morphing/ altering a bas figure into someone I have photos of?  Simularly, I'd like the outfit replicated as well please, so that I might use it for posing and environments to create my project and vision?  Being so new to DAZ and 3d in general, I was hoping to streamline my project by asking for help here in getting the figure to match my model in all aspects.  Thank you for your consideration and hope everyone is well.  Have a great day.

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  • dtrscbrutaldtrscbrutal Posts: 497

     If you are wanting an exact recreation of your photo you will likely need to hire an artist to sculpt and texture the character. That will cost you $$$.
     I suggest that you take a long look at the characters in the store and find a "close enough" character. This will cost you less $$$. If you want to take it further, look at the morphing assets that are available in the store. These are tools that will allow you to alter the shape, body and face of a character by pulling a slider. Morphs are easy to use but difficult to master, there is a learning curve. If you go this route make sure your morphs are for the correct generation of character (Genesis 3, Genesis 8, Genesis 9, etc.). Bear in mind that textures can be used on a different character but you may need to buy additional tools to swap between character generations. You can also dial in more than one character on one figure if they are of the same generation.
     Same advice for the outfit and hair, see if you can find a "close enough" equivalent in the store.


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