A course on creating (painting) new skin textures

I'd really like to create my own skin textures.  Painting, normals, bump maps.

Anyone have any idea where I might find a course that might help with that.

Much appreciated.


  • dtrscbrutaldtrscbrutal Posts: 497

     I am not aware of any course specific to creating skin. As far as diffuse, bump, normal etc., making a skin texture is not really any diffrent than creating any other texture, so any tutorial will give you the basics of what you need. Fair warning, creating skin can get complicated fast. You will need to be very familiar with the UVs of the character. You will also need software/skill with a program to create the textures (I use GIMP), and a way to deal with the seams (I use Blender). You will also need a computer able to handle 4K/8K texture maps and lots of storage space for your work. 
     I would suggest that you start by modifying a texture you already have (strictly for your own personal use) and see if it is something you wish to continue with. 
     You also may want to take a look at the Skin Builder products in the store.

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