[Released] Modern Home Essentials Stair Builder [Commercial]

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The MHE Collection strives to bring a classic look and feel in a variety of materials for you to be able to customize your scenes to your tastes! This particular set is a kit-bash made specifically to allow you to create a variety of stairs to give your home a second floor, while maintaining the aesthetic set up by the previous sets in the Collection!

Included are the pieces needed to create a variety of stairs as well as eight prebuilt staircases to get you started and show you how to use the set to achieve new heights.
The stairs come with five different stringers that can be toggled on/off and combined to achieve different looks. The railings come with two handrails, a blocky wood one and a round metal one, as well as two balusters, wood and metal, to create some variety. The railings also come with an attachment that can connect the handrail to the wall and glass pane that can be toggled on/off to give even more variety. A platform piece comes with snap points for stringers and railings, allowing you to attach what you need to fill in the gaps. Also included is a floor builder mesh, that connects at the top of the stairs and allows you to build your second floor with ease, to fit with the Room Builder walls!

This kitbash is built with versatility in mind. To allow full customization of the staircase height, the stairs are assembled from a one-piece riser+tread+stringers asset, which you then stack using the included snap point to the desired height. At any point, you can connect a platform piece, which includes more snap points for the different directions the stairs can go in as well as to add railings and stringers as needed. Cap off the stairs with the floor builder piece when you're done!
The included pose presets allow you to easily toggle between the different options available: change between the railings and stringers on the fly, then apply the different texture variations included (or rotate the tread and riser 180 degrees) to further customize the appearance and remove the tiled texture look! The railings includes "connector" pieces that allow you to create a continuous shape for your railings, or have them end into a wall if necessary.
The railing assets can be used to continue the staircase railing into a balcony, or standalone for a balcony without connecting to a staircase! The only limits are your imagination in this case, as you can build basically any staircase to suit your needs. Play with scale as well to achieve different looks like a double-wide staircase, or hiding every other balustrade to create different looks!

The pack comes with the four standard texture variations you've come to expect from the Modern Home Essentials Collection to help you match any assets in the collection to the stairs and vice versa. And of course, included are prebuilt staircases to help you get started by just loading and rendering!
In the prebuilts, we have a double wide T-shaped staircase, a half-height staircase made for a conversation pit or a split floor house, an L-shaped staircase and it's flipped twin, a simple straight staircase you'd find anywhere, a wrap-around balcony T-split staircase for gorgeous views and a U-shaped staircase with its flipped twin, which are used throughout the various renders in the product!

A sunken pit living room next to the entryway, with a glass paneled staircase leading up to the second floor

A bird's eye view of a mezzanine you can reach via an L-shaped staircase, with a small dining room beneath it

A large family home with a T-split staircase that leads up to the bedroom level

A compact U-shaped staircase fits snug against three walls

A double-wide T-split staircase with a wraparound balcony

Examples of all the elements included within the kitbash on a prebuilt staircase, showing how the pose presets can be used to easily swap between different styles of staircase

Keep an eye out for its release soon! I hope you all enjoy building your own stairs with ease with this kibash set!

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