Glass Shader looks weird

Why when I appliied a glass shader, the reflection is so weird. Meanwhile on other surface, looks okay.
What causing it?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,312

    Do you have a map applied to the Reflection Colour property?

  • JamesJames Posts: 929

    I don't know what that is,
    and doesn't seem to exist.
    There's only glossy reflectivity.

  • JamesJames Posts: 929

    It seems refraction index what causing it.
    If I turn it down to 1, it doesn't warp like that.
    But the strange thing is, I have another glass window, using the same setting, but it doesnt warp.
    Why different behavior on the same settings?

  • felisfelis Posts: 3,958

    Refraction index of 1 is air. Ordinary glass is around 1.5.

    Does the glass have thickness? Else check that Thin Walled is On (Off if thickness).


  • JamesJames Posts: 929
    edited May 7

    Yes, it has thickness.
    And yes, Thin Walled solve the problem. HUAAAAA!

    Thank you T_T

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