How to scale texture (smaller) without using tile?

How to scale texture (smaller) without using tile (horizontal and vertical)?


If changing tile is the only way, then how to apply an opacity map, without getting tled too.


  • StonemasonStonemason Posts: 1,172

    You can tile individual maps using the image editor

  • felisfelis Posts: 3,966

    What are you trying to do?

  • JamesJames Posts: 929

    I have a metal door with a big cut forming number "7" in the middle.
    The metal painted texture looks too big, If I use tile to scale, the opacity map to cut number 7 will be also get tiled and be all over the place.

  • felisfelis Posts: 3,966

    Then I would suggest divide the metal texture and the number, then you can scale the 2 independently.

    Either create the image in an image editor, or use the metal as base, and the number on top, either usimg LIE, Diffuse overlay, or a geoshell  I think Diffuse overlay being a good choise.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,336

    As Stonemasin says, for the included iray sahders you can use the Image Editor (next to the Layered Image Editor in the image picker menu) to apply tiling values per image (which stack with any tiling aplied to the surface). Doing this in 3Delight, or with a non-standard shader, would require working in Shader Mixer though it is pretty simple compared to other aspects of setting up a shader.

  • JamesJames Posts: 929

    Another question:
    Is it okay to create uv map bigger than the square ?

  • felisfelis Posts: 3,966

    James said:

    Another question:
    Is it okay to create uv map bigger than the square ?

    I don't understand what you are asking.

    The UV map is generated by the modelling application, and is a mapping from 3D space to 2D space, and the map as such is sizeless.

    When adding a texutre to a slot in DS surfaces, the size of the texture doesn't matter, it will be mapped on the same way. Of course a larger texture can have more details, but that is all.

    Based on your image it looks like you want to increase the texture. But if you apply the texture in DS, as said above size doesn't matter. Only if you want to bake the textures in blender.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,336

    Increasing the UV mapping outside the unit square will tile - this is how tiling used to be done, before it was available as a surface setting (the integer portion of the UV coordinates is discarded for the pripose of fitting the map to the geometry - this is also used by UDIMs). But that will apply to all maps applied to the surface, and sadly UV set is not (yet, at least) a per-map setting in DS.

  • JamesJames Posts: 929
    edited May 6

    I figure out the answer.
    I can't uv map outside the square, cos in DAZ the uv map will be ruin.

    I'm having difficulty of uv mapping a very complex shape.
    I have to view inside and out the mesh due to a very tiny gaps and curves that go in and out.
    Very  difficult to see the lines and figure out where should I put the seam.
    Do you guys use certain tool to uv map for this kind of mesh?

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,336

    There are various tools, but simply hiding parts or using selection sets (or whatever equivalent your application has) may help.

  • PadonePadone Posts: 3,560

    If you want to export, it is likely that the image tiles suggested by Stonemason won't work. As well as uvs going outside the first udim as Richard noted. A easy workaround is to tile the texture image instead of tiling the textue uv, that will produce the same final result.

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