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I have a disk (Fat32) shared between Windows and Mac OS and from Daz Win and Daz Mac you can see the (._files) in the contents, do you know a way to hide them in the contents of Daz3D?

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    Moved to Daz Studio Discussion as it is not an AI Studio topic.

    Those fiels are, as far as I know, aking up for features thata re supported directly by the Mac disc formats. Hiding them (right-click>Properties, check Hidden in a Windows file browser) should stop DS from showing them, but I don't know if it would intrfere with or be reset by their function under MacOS.

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    If you watch the change log you will see that a future build is going to hide name starting with . in file-based views (it woin't affect database views, but these files won't show there). There may be product updats to deal with any content files that use a leading . for sorting, other stores/user-geenrated files will need to be updated by their creators if they are to be seen in file system views (this is being done for OS cross compatibility, as I understand it).

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