Updated software and nothing shows in smart content

Every fix I have found on the internet hasn't wlrked.


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    You are going to need to provide more info if you want anyone to help.

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    SofaCitizen said:

    You are going to need to provide more info if you want anyone to help.  

    Thx.  I updated to the latest installers and version of Daz 3d and NOTHING is showing in Smart Content.  Everything worked fine before the updates.  I used content database management and reimported all meta data and it goes through a process but still nothing shows in smart content.  

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  • I might add I can see content in the various folders on the right side of the program

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    Unless you went from some mega-old version to the latest version I am not too sure how that could happen. Are you sure there is no error message when booting Daz Studio about not being able to connect to the CMS?  Can you post a screenshot of your Smart Content tab? There can be a case when content is configured outside of the default categories that means everything is "hidden" under "Default" which can suprise some users. That just means it is there but it might appear as tho all-bar-two categories have dissapeared.

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    Is the content showing and usable in the Content Library under daz Studio Formats? How do you install your content? When you reimport Metadata do you get a list of products to include, or is the list dialaogue empty or missing altogether?

  • Stuff is showing now after 4 installations of postgreSQL, thanks.

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