Need something better for "realistic" shadows

Less than a year ago, I got a new i7 12700 HP tower with 64GB RAM and RTX 3070. Imagine my surprise (!) when I realized that the dog-slow (think overweight St. Bernard) iRay "preview" was the only way to get realistic shadows. Even if it were only B&W, that would be fine. Just something (anything!) faster than the glacial iRay. Blender's EEVEE comes to mind... You should be able to do better in 2024! Thanks for listening, anyway...


  • PerttiAPerttiA Posts: 9,898

    The RTX 3070 has only 8GB's of VRAM and you are most likely dropping to CPU rendering, which indeed is glacially slow.

    You would be better off with the RTX 3060 12GB, which in practice has twice as much VRAM for Iray than the RTX 3070
    (about 4GB's of VRAM is taken by the baseload from Windows, DS, the scene and the necessary 'working space')

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,314

    Also check that your driver meets the minimum version requirement for the version of Iray being used.

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