Is Paperspace virtual PCs good for Daz3D rendering?

Hey guys. Just out of curiosity, I would like to know if Paperspace virtual PCs are good and compatible with Iray to render my scenes in Daz3D inside a virtual PC. My computer is technically powerful enough to render several scenes, however, as I want to render a scene with several high res G8M, G8F, G9M and G9F characters (more than 20) and a closed environment with several objects, my PC is not able to handle all of them and RAM usage is already at its limit. Could anyone with knowledge of virtual PC tell me if it's a good alternative? I don't intend to rent an Iray dedicated render farm server because it is much more expensive, and the price offered by Paperspace seems fair to me for what I want to do.

Their most powerful computer is the H100 with an incredible 256GB of RAM and a 20-core processor and an Nvida HGX H100. It's a dedicated GPU for AI, but maybe it's powerful enough to handle rendering, right?

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