Installing Content with DIM, then have to intall with Smart Content to use it

I use DIM to install all of my content. I like having the zip files.  When I want to use some content, on rare occasions I can just use it when it is greyed out in Smart Content, but most of the time I need to install it again with Smart Content.  Most of my items are greyed out in the Content Library and need to be installed again as well.   I don't understand.  Why do I need to install twice?  If using DIM involves me trying to find my items in the DAZ file structure, I am completely lost. 
How do I use my content without having to install it twice?



  • SofaCitizenSofaCitizen Posts: 1,691

    If you log into your account within Daz Studio then you activate Daz Connect which is a separate way of installing content. Therefore, what you have done is installed the content twice. To fix this you should uninstall everything that you have installed via Daz Connect - check the cloud folder in the filesystem to see what products are effected since you will probably have to re-install them with DIM later.

    Then, once everything has been purged from the cloud folder you should logout of your account on Daz Studio and ensure that the checkbox to always login is unticked. Then restart Daz Studio to make sure it's behaving itself and it stays at "Working Offline".

    That should solve the "greyed out" issue for DIM-installed content and also Smart Content should be present for all products that have it. As mentioned above you may have to re-install the DazConnect-effected products via DIM.

    (p.s. you may want to edit your account as your username has been changed to your email address which sometimes happens due to browser autocompletion on that page)

  • HeleneHelene Posts: 113

    Thank you for the information and the warning about my user name.  User name fixed, will work on the content fix this afternoon.
    Thank you so much!


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,312

    You could also uninstall the DIM versions.

    The issue is that daz Studio is not finding the content installed through Install manager, most likely because of bad paths though you should check in the Content Library pane under Daz Studio Formats and then the folder DIM is set to install to (My Daz 3d Library by default) in case the issue is just getting the content into the database used by Smart Content.

  • HeleneHelene Posts: 113

    Ok Thanks!  I will check that. 


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