4.22 default temlpates ani DUF's incompaible with Animate 2 ?

  Hi, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the default templates for D/S 4.22 even had animations at all.( for G9 ) They look pretty useful, but there were a lot of unexpected things. First, at the end of more than one, the big toes would bend down, and all the other toes would bend up. There's probably a workaround for that. But then I tried creating an aniblock from studio keyframes. More strangeness. The resulting aniblock has the pelvis moving around and the feet, of course, are sliding badly. So, I tried creating an aniblock from the "swing" ani, cause it could be useful since the feet weren't on the floor ( except at the end ). Wanting to edit it so that it would just swing forward and back, I spilt the aniblock at a good point, copied and pasted the first part after it then reversed the copy. Normally, of course, that would have made it swing back and forth. Instead, nothing was reversed save that the reversed copy seemed to be playing the part that was cut off! So I tried "invert" instead of reverse and that seemed to do the expected but which, of course, wasn't what I was trying to do. I've had issues with creating aniblocks from studio keys before, but I tried every option possible and these ani DUF's acted like I was triying to convert them from a different generation or model. I'm runninig 4.220.15 smiley Thanks for any feedback / peace


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                    Any gurus available?smiley So anyway, I did more tests, I repeated the "swing" ani split attempt with the same poor result and determined that the reverse and mirror commands do not register at all, there's no undo available cause they do nothing. My statement that the pelvis moves around, now I am seeing that it is not moving at all, just everything above it and below it, which throws off the legs. However, here's some observations for those using these as animated presets and who don't use aniblocks. These animations , made by Daz (I assume), to my surprise, are not compatible with some of the basic morphs for G9. Using any full body proportion morph, smaller, larger, height, or PA shapes that effect the overall scaling, make G9 slide (left and right) on it's x axis, e.g. the "idle" ani. But, an interesting workaround, with the GU youth morph at 100%, the effect is dramatic, but if you scale G9 up from it's main node to 100% the figure just barely slides a little. But If anyone would care to try making an aniblock from these, preferably the "idle" ani and post the result, I will be most grateful, i'm kind of an ani-blockhead (hommage to Gumby) yes / peace

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             Another point about the unexpected : these are not just ani's saved as animated presets cause when loading they bring up a new instance of G9. If you have a figure already in the scene D/S asks if you want to save the current scene. It's rather cumbersome to use these on a custom char. So, thinking out loud (so to speak) just make your own animated preset (now why didn't I think of that?) laugh/ peace

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