Poser Cloth Room - is there any better alternatives?

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Hello! I have one annoiying problem with Poser 2014 Cloth room and so seek either a way to fix it or any alternative cloth simulators with similar functionality. Technically this problem was described here - http://forum.runtimedna.com/showthread.php?79276-Extra-Slow-Cloth-Simulations  by another PP 2014 user. When I uninstalled old Poser 7 and switched to Poser 2014, I expected it was improved everywhere, but now I feel that Cloth Room in 2014 became much more buggy than in older Posers. For me it's became slower as well and usable only with simple gowns, which have two groups - one constraint and one default dynamic. If I need to add decorated groups or more than one dynamic group, simulations become extra slow, nearly an hour and often crashing. Even old Poser 7 was not so clumsy regarding to multi-grouped clothing. Cannot you tell, which version of Poser after Poser 7 worked fine with complicated dynamic clothing?

Another important for me question - is there any cloth simulators (not garment makers like Optitex and Marvelous Designer) which may clothify clothing props for Poser and DAZ better and faster than Cloth room does? So far I found just one alternative - VWD Cloth and Hair, and I can assure you that one day it will be incomparable excellent tool, but so far it's in demo version only and author keeps working to fix all its possible bugs. Although I tested this demo and found it works amazingly fast for any Poser clothing (though saving results is disabled). I don't know what is the basis of its cloth simulation - but until this tool will be on sale and finished, is there any alternative cloth simulators which can work with ready-made conforming meshes for Poser with all their decorated elements (buttons, belts etc)? I attempted to do it with Maya's nCloth but stuck in its complicated manual and I feel it's purposed for simpler welded meshes. DAZ and Poser conforming clothing is unwelded in most cases, consisting of many parts like above-said buttons, lacing and so on. There must be a cloth simulator based on Poser's Cloth Room basis and able to clothify such meshes as well, I mean to make the most part of them dynamic but keep all elements attached and following the dynamic fabric. If someone points me any direction to look for, thank you so much in advance. I've read about Blender's cloth simulation - can it cope with Poser items? Is there any plugins for Maya or 3DMax? There is a heap of garment makers in the web, I feel lost in all this specific stuff.

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    hi just to let you know VWD's cloth sim is available for purchase.

    it's amazingly quick,

    author is starting to work on the video tuts in English ,

    I have done a few simple things and it works fine

    you need to send him money via paypal and a code generated by his program

    the details are on his thread at renderosity

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