Search by content creator and special expiration date?

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Is there any way to search by content creator, such as Stonemason or VirtualWorld in the new store? Used to be able to click on the vendors name.

Also is there a way to know when a special will expire? I'd like to know until when I have to buy an item before a special ends.


  • NeilV_1NeilV_1 Posts: 442
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    you can type their name in the search area if you know the PA's name.

    to see whats on sale should show up in the if you just click on "shop" then "Sales & Promotions" not sure if its 100% accurate but there are quite a few products in there ;-)

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    Thanks but what I meant by sale is when they are expiring. Does the name search work for every vendor though?

  • NeilV_1NeilV_1 Posts: 442
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    end of sale dates are something that are missing at the moment so there is no search function associated with them (that I know of)

    and yes using the PA name in the search box should work with all PA's you just have to hope you spell their name right which can be very hard for me.

  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 19,108
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    Are they working on the end of sale thing so that the end dates will show? It would be very helpful

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