DSON Importer in Poser Pro 2014 gives me error with invisible Genesis 2 Female- how to fix it?

Hello! I've got a problem with Genesis 2 Female in Poser Pro 2014 after one accidental modification, similar to this thread - http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/22234/how-to-restore-genesis-assets-data and even when I fixed this problem by restoring original morphs value, I found that my DSON Importer refuses to load G2F properly. That is it loads the figure but it is completely invisible in the window - it is present in the window upper tab with all body parts and in the Parameters tab and all morph sliders there are touchable, but the figure itself is missing. All checkboxes Visible and Visible in Raytracing are enabled. What has happened and how to fix it? In DAZ Studio Genesis 2 Female works fine. All other figures like Genesis 2 Male and Genesis are loaded via DSON fine too, the problem arose only with accidentally changed G2F. I wouldn't like to reinstall G2F's essentials completely, I feel there may be a simpler decision.


  • This usually means either that the Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials DSON core is not installed or it si not installed to a folder set as an external Runtime in Poser. Did you install the G2F Starter Essentails, both parts - the PoserCF and the core?

  • wargiswargis Posts: 142

    Yes, both parts were installed long ago - Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials and Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials Poser CF. And they were installed in the same folder together with Genesis 2 Male and Genesis, which work fine as always. The problem arose just after the day when I changed something in base G2F files by rewriting support files. When I touch DSON - Subdivision and set it to 1 or 0, I see G2F appears in the viewport, colored in green or blue (default material colors without her textures), but when I stir the camera controls, she disappears again. What may be spoiled in the Genesis 2 Female core files after rewriting in DAZ Library - Runtime - Support? (When I did it, I saved her support files under the name of clothing but  in the options of save window it was named as DAZ3D (vendor) - Genesis 2 - Female, that is with default G2F's character name. Now I found those several DSF morph files, whose values were saved along with G2F and set their values to default 0 and when I load G2F in DAZ Library, she works fine, but in Poser she remained completely spoiled. Should I reinstall G2F essentials fully and how it affects her custom morph data assets - will they be kept intact after re-installing?

  • Reinstalling may restore a damaged file - depending on which it is. it won't touch files not installed as part of the original, so custom morphs should be safe (the only risk would be any ERC links that were saved with the original morph or parameter, not the custom morph, but that would have required changing the settings deliberately so it is unlikely).

  • wargiswargis Posts: 142

    Thanks, Richard. I found that I re-wrote one main file (Genesis2Female.dsf) in Data folder of G2F, it had newer date of that day. At any case I replaced this file and all original base morph files of G2F with original files from G2F Essentials and reinstalled the Poser CF package. It helped and now G2F works as before. The problem is solved now.

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