About saving the images

Hi. Usually I try to ignore "save image as" option (except for quick and rough drafts). So instead I tend to use "export image as", where then I choose PNG (24 bits). From which I later may do a JPG convert with 10 or 12 quality. However, it occured to me that there is also PNG (48 bits) option as well. Should I use it or it's not needed unless I plan to do a heavy editing in Photoshop or something? From my point of view, PNG-24 is more common/universal and will open basically on any device from past 20 years.


  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 2,064

    And can also export image as  Photoshop psd   +  Thanx

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    Past as Future - I usually just save as BMP but when I am working on a HDRI-Cheat or create a terrain from the render I export either as 48-bit or as 96-bit TIFF. Bryce renders in 48-bit (16 bit per colour red, green and blue, not only 8 bit). Whenever you save a render, it will be converted to 24-bit. If you want to save the render in higher bit quality, you must export it as soon as the render has finished (well you can wait a few days :-) but before you do anything with Bryce, you must have exported the rendered image.

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