How would you illuminate evening/night non-landscape scenes?

I was browsing works of known Bryce artist called Rochr (who was active during mid2000s) and they led me to this question. Also considering it's something that was not explored much (unless I missed, sorry) in wonderful videos by David and Horo. So I'd like to bring this subject to discussion. Here are examples of what I'm talking about:

And if you attempted something similar in your works, please show and share experience!

Best wishes~


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    I think the others may have some renders like the examples you posted. Space scenes may come into this category that you are referring to and indoor lighting too.  I found these examples but not sure if this is what you mean.


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    Past as Future - first, even though Bryce 7.1 is 12 years old, it has very much advanced from Bryce 3D (the oldest I have installed is 4). Particularly the lighting options are very versatile and have hugely improved over time. There are many possibilities to light an evening or inside scene. I have many examples on my website and also on Though admittedly, the renders you link in your comment to are all beautifully done, particularly when considering how limited the lighting options were then.

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    I'm assuming, in this case it would be recommended to use various clusters of light primitives instead of sun/ibl solution (which is usually done for landscape works but would not be a right thing for night cityscapes perhaps)?

    I'll check your galleries, thanks.

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