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I created this "Ring of Fire" with the Ivy Generator. Now I wonder, if it is possible to add a glowing effect? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Ring of Fire

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    Electro-Elvis - very nice "Ring of Fire". Four years ago I made a render with a glowing Bryce tree (below upper part). The material used (below lower part). It shows the the leaves texture (green), and for the trunk it is the same, just channel A is different, shown at left (brown).
    It is only lit by specularity amplified with a phased hyper texture (PHT) in Ch D. The specular comes from an HDRI with a dynamic range of around 2700:1, Specularity 300 and HDRI Effect 0. The sun in the example is behind the tree, also with Specular 300 and Diffuse 0.
    I got the idea for the example render from here:
    If you have not made a PHT, here is how it is done in a minute or two:


    I forgot to mention the render settings. Please see below. Rendering takes a bit of time. Another important detail: Even if there is no HDRI Effect, True ambience optimization must be disabled (arrow right of HDRI Effect).


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  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,227

    Electro-Elvis awesome ring of fire. Thanks for mentioning the Ivy Generator.

    Horo lovely glowing effect

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    Electro-Elvis : very well done ring of fire.

    Horo : fantastic glowing effect.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,340

    Thank you mermaid and adbc. I made it on 24 April 2004 - it's been a while...

  • Electro-ElvisElectro-Elvis Posts: 863

    Horo, mermaid010, adbc: Thanks a lot. I will try out your hints as soon as I have a bit more time.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,822

    Nice effects, Elvis and Horo

  • NGartplayNGartplay Posts: 3,014

    Awesome effect Horo and Electro!  This should be a challenge.

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