applying M4 textures to M5?

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Should it be possible to do this?

I have tried making sure that I have set the UV to M4 on all surfaces but strange things are happening to the face, especially around the mouth.

Specifically, I am trying to use Alexandre's textures.


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    Yes its possible. Are you talking about Morris' Alexdandre texture
    I've used it on M5.
    Select M5 in the surfaces tab select all surfaces and change the UV map to Michael 4.
    If this is what you are dong can you post some screen shots of whats happening.
    What version of DS are you using?

  • gabugabu Posts: 303
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    I am using 4.5 RC1.

    Previously I had been playing around with various texture options before trying the JM Alexandre texture and it was when I tried to apply one of the makeup options that I started to get the strange results.

    However, this time I started from scratch with a 'clean' M5 and followed your advice and everything worked as it should.

    I haven't been able to reproduce the problem so I don't know whether it was a quirk of 4.5RC or what.

    But it helped to know that what I was trying was possible.

    The Alexandre texture does look good on M5.

  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 5,870
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    It could have been a memory problem, textures get all mixed up if memory is running low and every time you change a texture memory is used up. saving and restarting DS sorts it out.

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    That might be the problem then as I had been doing a fair bit of playing around before that. I am very much in the 'kid in a candy store' phase at the moment trying out all these goodies.

    I thought I would have been immune from the memory problems as I am running Win7/64 bit with 8G of memory. But ...

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