Will Monique work in Poser 11 pro? and Poser Unimesh question

I was wondering if Genesis 2 stuff would work in Poser 11 Pro.   I am about to get Poser 11 Pro once the funds are released.   I doubt Genesis 3 will work in Poser 11 Pro.


Also what is Poser Unimesh?  I know it is not in the version of Poser Pro 2012 I have so I do not know what that is,


  • The DSON Importer works in Poser 11, but at least some people have had problems with the library panel (I gather it depends, at least in part, on which library panel you use).

    In the context of rigging, as I understand it, Poser's Unimesh is single-skin rigging - the mesh isn't split into groups. That's the way DS does weight-mapped figures - Poser however can mix weight-mapping and parametric rigging.

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