Trouble with custom morphs

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For a while i've been having an issue with Genesis 8 morph creation. 
I can export, modify in zbrush or blender and import it back, that works fine.
The problem is when exporting the base model of G8 it adds distortion to the model, i'm not sure why, so everytime I create a new custom morph there are these anomalies that continue to accumulate with each morph added.
Now I understand the process of excluding morphs for specific areas of a model. You can modify a head and say you accidentally moved part of the body you can simply remove that.
The issue though is everytime I make a custom moph for the head it comes already distorted slightly so any additional morphs will magnify the problem over time.

Here is a Gif showing the issue and my Export and Import settings.
In the Gif I have exported G8 as an OBJ and then immediately reimported it back as a morph, it creates problems as you can see.

Daz Version 4.22

G8 OBJ.gif
1411 x 1245 - 1M
489 x 536 - 27K
468 x 426 - 15K
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    ok I guess animated gifs don't work on here, and you have to click on the picture to see it animate.

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  • What happens if you load the exported OBJ, before modifying it in ZBrush, as a morph - does it fail, saying theer are no deltas, or does it succeed, creating a morph that is just the distortion?

  • Thats exactly what it I did from daz to daz and it had that problem.

    But I solved it!. it turns out there was some kind of hidden morphing somewhere? I don't know where but I used the Zero figure function and set everytihng to 0 and it seems to have fixed it.

    Very strange Issue but glad it's solved finally after having to clean up morphs constantly

  • You can also enable Reverse Deformations in the Moprh Loader Pro options to avoid the issue (as long as the hidden morphs are still in effect when you load the morph - the option looks at the effect of al the current modifiers on the item and subtracts those chnages in postion from the shape you are loading, leaving only the changes made on top of those for the final morph)

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