how can i restore morphs

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Okay, I can model halfway decent; well enough so that after I take a V4 dress and converted it to Genesis I can send the dress to Hexagon and fix it.

I export that fixed obj then load it into DS, then use the Transfer Utility and fit it to Genesis.

Now I need to get the original morphs that the creator of the dress made, and put them back into the dress.

I would assume I should use Morph Loader Pro but; it as far as I can tel only will let me choose an obj. The morph data is stored in the original Cr2 though,

I'm puzzled?


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    Hmm, I would think you open the cr2 in a text editor (I use Crimson Editor; many people like Editpad++; but Wordpad works as well; don't use Word nor Notepad) and edit the lines looking for the old OBJ to your refitted OBJ. There should be exactly two lines to change near the top.

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    Another option would be to export the base shape and each morphed shape as an OBJ and load them as morphs. Then turn limits off on the base shape and use property editor to link it to -1 times the strength of the shaping morphs so that you get the same changes applied to the new base shape (otherwise you keep getting the morph applied to the original clothing's shape, which isn't what you want).

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