How to detect user changing DzPane size [Solved]

I have a QLabel containing a Pixmap that I keep at a fixed aspect ratio as the Pane changes size.
That works fine, but I have to trigger the pixmap redraw but touching one on the controls on the pane so I know I need to redraw.

Neither QLabel not DzPane has a 'resized' signal.
I would think this a very common need.

How do you get notified when a user resizes the pane so you can auto adjust its contents?


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    Simple addition. For anyone like me who didn't know how it worked -

    the DzPane is of course a QWidget subclass, so you add

          virtual void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent * event);

    to your DzPane derived class .h file and

    void yourclass::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent * event){
          // whatever you want it to do. I didn't need the event info, just to know when it happened to call my redraw routine.

    to your .cpp file

    Thanks to the DAZ programming team for the tip


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