Change a Texture/Material colour during the animation

Hi there,

I'm trying to do quite simple thing: to change a Texture/Material colour during the animation. I have no problem to animate it but I want just to change to different colour once a certain keyframe is reached without any transition.

The same with visibility: trying to make an object invisible for some time on the scene - won't work - looks like it is a global property.


Can you help me, please?


  • At least for 3delight, if you use Shader Mixer instead of a compiled shader then the Variable brick will give you the time (or frame, or both - I can't recal exactly) which you can use to control any property you like.

  • Many thanks Richard, it is just another ocean of possibilities :) I need to spend more time to play with it.

    Anyway, I've solved my problem different way. The solution was so easy. I couldn't access 'neighbour frame' because it was too many in total(2400) so the timeline was quite dense. I've discovered that I can access any frame by typing the number in the 'current' field, this way I can use a frame before the keyframe to keep color 'in line' then change it to different one in a next frame - no colour transition at all, halleluja!

    The same with a visibility - I'm changing opacity to 0, the same way and everything magically works!

    Thanks for your advice once again, it is very valuable for me.



  • spearcarrierspearcarrier Posts: 606

    Sigh. I miss the days where I could do it this way. Latest DAZ seems to have that broken.

  • LenioTGLenioTG Posts: 1,222

    I'm interested in this too, but I've not actually understood your explanations :(

    So, how do I change the texture during an animation?
    For examples the hair or the character ones.

  • Trash PandaTrash Panda Posts: 104

    I would like to know if there is a solution to change the materials while animating and rendering with iray. 

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