How to remove default "unassigned faces" in shading domain?


        There is a default "unassigned faces" in Hexagon shading domain. I want to remove it but can not find the remove function.

         Could  anyone  show how to remove it ?





  • Hello Daniel, if this does not answer your question can you include a screen grab.

    But, to demonstate how it works - Bring down a cube, select the front face, loop it and select New - Domain1 appears, click the arrow and Rename it, copy and paste it into the material Hex just created.

    This leaves you with the top and bottom of the cube unassigned, two things you can do. 1. Press the + icon next to the newly named doman, or 2. Select the 2 faces and give them a new domain and material.

    If you do not want Shading domains, choose the object in the scene tree, go to materials, select New and give it a name (eg - metal, black plastic).

  • Hi John:

                Thanks, I follow your first suggestion but the unassigned faces appear as usual when I select the front face, loop it and select New function in shading domain.

                I want to remove the "unassigned faces" because when I import the obj into daz , the "unassigned faces" shading domain appears in surface tab.




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  • That's right. The icon is meant to show you that there are no faces without a domain.

    Take the cube (with all 6 faces given a colour say red) and select the top face, delete it. Use the bridge tool to put it back, now you have a cube with 5 red sides and a white top (colours will vary) you will also notice that the icon has now changed to show that you have an unassigned face. If you click on the icon the offending face is highlighted.

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    If you are referring to the mention of said in D/S from a Hexagon .obj ... IF there are any unused materials, delete those.

    Whether or not any extra references are visible in Hexagon, ALL you have to do is simply export the .obj back out. I call this "washing the .obj file".


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    Hi John & patience55:

          I found my solution as below step to make "def_surf_mat" disappear in DAZ surface tab:

          Step1: Export the model obj from Hexgaon although the "Unassigned Faces" exist in Shading domain..

          Step2: Import the obj from Hexgaon.

           Step3: Export obj again from Hexgaon.

          Step4 Import the obj from DAZ and the "def_surf_mat" disappear in DAZ surface tab.

           It really works by "washing the .obj files".




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    Yup, helps the ol' brain if one doesn't try to figure out why.

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