RRRR - Murphy’s Law Render Contest *closed*



  • purrkatpurrkat Posts: 134

    Totte - glad to see you back in action! As for the random sample, I'm thinking we lucked out, as they'll most likely decide we're not worth bothering with. LOL

    Gopherus - Oh no, the picture police... I didn't see the first image but the "grossness of the kid brother part"... I grew up with four step brothers. Yeah. Not much can shock me. Good come back! Marketing surveys... so true - great expression on the sales lady's face!




  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 983

    LOL! thanks purrkat, yeah I have 2 brothers.... not that I was an angel either... but sometimes you would try to one up each other

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,406

    Thanks, Gopherus,
    Glad you got one in barbult, and it's a good one! LOL.
    Gopherus, you HAVE been busy! They are wonderfully nuts as uasual. I missed the removed one. I remember the pianist joke. Hehe, she does look befuddled. 
    purrkat, another awesome one; I love the in-your-face POV making the action more intense.
    Totte, wow, very cool. Yes, take those messed up college boys. It should be fun for all. Those aliens look too serious anyway.

  • TotteTotte Posts: 11,861


  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 983

    thanks luci45.  i was wondering if anyone remembered that old joke or even emily llitela

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