save a animation?

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Hallo again,

one more question. How can I save a animation. The tutorials tells me that I can only render this an save than. And what can I do when I'll work with this animation later again? How can I save it and load it.


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    Hi, you can save your all work as daz sean file.

    from top menu > File > save as sean.
    did you save it? :roll:

    so you open the file , you can edit your work(animation) again.

    if you had already rendered all frames (image series or movie),
    you may edit it in your movie soft then make movie.(avi, mpeg etc)
    I use windows movie maker.

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    Hi Andreas64

    You can save an animation in a couple of different ways,..
    You can save it as a BVH Animation file. (Bio-Vision heirarchy format) (FILE / Export / BVH)
    or as an Autodesk FBX animation.

    you can save as a "Pose Preset" (animated poses can also be saved) (FILE / Save as / Pose Preset)
    You can also save as a Poser format (PZ2) using the free (Poser format exporter) script for Daz Studio.
    You can create Key-frame animations in the DS Timeline, and then convert them to an Animate (Aniblock) and then save that ...if you have animate
    All of the above options allow you to save the animation you've created, and reload them onto another figure, in another scene.

    Hope it helps

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    Hi folks,

    i try thouse ways and it works. But it should be a little easyer like : save animation as

    anyway it works
    thanks a lot

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    I've try to use the Poser format exporter to save my animation, but when I got into poser, the animation it's totally broken, Why?

  • Hello,

    I made an animation but I can't save it because "Save for legacy aniMate" option is unactive. What could be the reason for that?

    Thank you!

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