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I'm having trouble figuring out how to build an object in Hexagon, and import it into Unreal Engine 4.

I think it is because I'm having trouble making sure all the faces are triangulated, which Unreal seems to require (FBX2014). However, I haven't been having success in triangulating a Box, much less something more complex. I would think that there should be a simple command that does such Triangulation of a square into 2 triangles. The only triangulation I can find is square to 4 triangles, and triangulate n-gons. (Now, why is it you can not triangulate a square with N-gons???)

Maybe that isn't what is going on, since I did triangulate a Cube and it still wouldn't import into Unreal. This is after creating a cube in Hexagon, triangulating x4, destroying until you get 2 triangles per side, sending it to Daz3d, saving as a fbx 2014 binary with default settings.

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    With all faces selected, under the vertex modelling tab, go to tessellate (6th icon from left), select triangular tessellation )5th icon from top :)

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    The Decimate function, in Utilities, will yield a low-poly triangularized mesh that reasonably retains its shape. It is also adjustable. However, it will not, necessarily, automatically yield topology good for animation. (ie: It will not easily maintain all those edge-loops you so painstakingly created. :) ) So, some corrections may be in order.

    The Triangular Tesselation method will quadruple the object's footprint. However, it could be used in conjunction, with some handmade corrections, to yield higher density triangulation in certain areas, like for the bendable regions of an animatable limb, much easier than the Decimate utility, which only works on the object as a whole.

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