Ventriloquest face mask - advice needed

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Good day,

I have downloaded a freebie of a face mask but was disappointed to find out the mask is actually part of a huge 3D background.  The mask is lying on the background but when I have tried to ungroup the model in Bryce as I always do, huge pieces of the mask seems part of the background.  I have a long time not used Hexagon and don't really know what to do here.  As you will notice on the attached images the model is actually only partly in the grid.  This file is huge (57 mb) and I have uploaded it to my Deviantart stash as email can't attach it, even in Google drive! But here is original freebie link   I have used .obj in Hexagon.

I think if I use 'faces' it should be possible to take parts away but to be honest I just can't concentrate at this point.  Memory blockage and not much experience too, lol!

Such a mask I think can be added to a character for funny renders.  I have searched the web for freebies like this, but this is the only freebie I could get hold of.




Capture - mask 1.JPG
1360 x 768 - 170K
Capture - mask 2.JPG
1360 x 768 - 167K
Capture - mask 3.JPG
1360 x 768 - 165K
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    Not signing up to the site just to download this item. By the looks of the images I would suggest making it from scratch. Would be less work.

    Or provide some screenshots of what you do get in Hexagon and maybe we can see what the problem is and hopefully be able to provide a better answer.

    ... to quickly remove lots of background faces going to transparency and 'dots' ... selecting the dots and deleting them ... will remove chunks of mesh very quickly. Just be sure that you are not selecting anything 'through' the mesh you want to keep.

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    Hi Catherine, I think it's actually better to make it from scratch as you mention.  I forgot that I have signed in at that time to get the download but I was more interested then in the Ventriloquest puppet's head which Fil from Deviantart used in Max to create a body.  This mask file is actually more than 100 mb with all formats, obj alone is 57 mb.

    I have downloaded quite some videos for cartoon creation in Hexagon and should also look at that.

    Ungrouping the obj model in Bryce is clearly not working as one can't cut the areas smaller unless I can get help from David, Horo or Chohole who uses Bryce frequently.


    1194 x 563 - 467K
    1194 x 563 - 226K
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    For your own use, it might also work to load Genesis in D/S, morph it as much as you can in there towards the look you want, then export out that as an .obj file.

    Import that into Hexagon and cut off the unwanted mesh, and continue remaking the 'mask' part as desired.

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    Try this - when you import to Hex, make sure that the option to merge groups is unchecked.  That way, if the scene is made of many meshes, they will show up as such in Hex - then you could select the part you want to keep, invert selection and delete the rest.

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    Thank you Catherine and Roy, will give it a go! smiley

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    This looks like a scanned 3D object. It's very dense. (Just judging by the pics.)

    Start from the middle of the mask and select a fair number of faces. Use the "+" key to expand your selection a bit, then go back and deselect the faces you don't want. Then, Copy/Paste your selection. Then, take a look at how many polys it is. If it's bigger than something like V4 (50k or so) it's far too heavy for just a mask and you can accomplish the same detail that geometry is giving you just by using decent bump/displacement or even a normal map. Then, use the Decimate Utility to get the mask down to a reasonable size that doesn't reduce its critical features.

    If that doesn't yield anything suitable, should only take you a few minutes to test, then make your own. Scanned 3D objects are cool, but they're generally far too heavy for normal 3D use.

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