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Hello , I have problems with rotation of pivo . Is there any way to rotate with exact angle setting the pivot equal in the image. I used the area properties but turns every object using its center and not with reference to the fixed point. 

Any way to change this point of pivo ( in green) central objects ?

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    Not knowing what it is you want to achieve, I can only give a general answer.

    In Hexagon, you can change the pivot point to anywhere on the mesh by right-clicking, select "Set pivot point" and clicking on a vertex anywhere on the mesh, or even on another mesh.  The change can only be done on a vertex.  To get the pivot point back in the centre, right-click and select "Reset pivot point."

    You can do precise rotations, scaling, size, translations by changing the values in  the  blocks in the properties panel.

    You can also change how you use the pivot point in the options panels below the translation icons in the top left of the UI.

    Although you can work with a fairly high degree of precision, bear in mind that Hex is an artistic pplication, not a CAD.

    If you explain what you want to achieve, we could possibly be of more assistance. 



  • I hope this is what you are after, EZ made a video tutorial on using a "protractor" he made, there is a a link to the prop in the description -

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