Do you need a interactive license for base characters you created?

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I understand if you buy items from the store, that you have must have an interactive license for that item. If you create a character using the base modifiers or morphs would you need the interactive license for them. I will modify the characters, I created in blender as well as create my own outfits for them.

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    Well, yes, if you have created a character using a Genesis model and base/default morphs then you will obviously need the interactive licence from the relevant Essentials product, e.g. The free versions that come included with Daz Studio only include the base licence.

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    AFAIK, you don't need interactive license unless you're gonna use the product(s) in a game...

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    Oh, yes sorry. I read the question as if the OP was doing something that they knew would require the interactive licence (e.g. making their own game) and wondered if that applied to the free products that Daz Studio comes with.

    If all you are using the characters for is generating and publishing 2D rendered images and the mesh and raw textures never leave your computer then I believe that you do not need the interactive licence, regardless of whether you have bounced them through Blender or other 3D package. I think the exact wording on the licence (last I looked) does leave a sliver of vagueness about that so I will only claim this with a 98% certainty.

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    crosswind said:

    AFAIK, you don't need interactive license unless you're gonna use the product(s) in a game...

    To be more precise, you need an interactive license when you use the 3D model directly in a game engine. If you create a game using only rendered images (like a lot of visual novels AFAIK) you only need the standard license.

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