Daz and Cilinder Booleans

why daz doesn't like obj files with holes made by circular booleans? it always make weird artifacts.

for example, take a cube in blender, make  a hole in the middle with cillinder boolean, export as obj and import to daz.

any way to use booleans and fix it? making a lot of holes with just geometry takes ages




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    I am not smart enough to understand Blender yet so cannot answer the first part. However, isn't that one of the four main features of what Gescon does? I do have it purchased but not had a reason to give it a test-run yet.

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    DS doesn't like N-gons.

    So after a boolean operation, change any N-gons, to quads or tris.

  • SofaCitizen, wow, that actually looks promising

    felis, yeah, i got that. the thing is that making quads or tris for each circle is pain in the butt :( i'll check if i can do triangulate for specific part, maybe it will work

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    You may just tick 'Triangulated Mesh' when exporting obj file in Blender.

  • crosswind, i wish. it mostly turns the mesh into weird artifacting blobs

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    alexeydu said:

    crosswind, i wish. it mostly turns the mesh into weird artifacting blobs

    Not sure how you did but with default Triangulated Mesh export, there should be no problem...

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    Another method which might work better for more complex angles and shapes is the 'Remesh' modifier.

    (Though high Octree values very quickly get to huge numbers of polys!!!)


    The real answer is, "Don't use Booleans, learn to model properly". cheeky

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  • Booleans are not evil, but they must be used with care (or reptopologised).

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    Yea ~ and booleans are not avoidable in quite a few cases. For such a bit complex case as above, Remesh will also bring you artifacts... still, better retopo to clean the mesh.

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    How about the 'Volume to Mesh' modifier? Could that be used as another 'quick'n'dirty' retopo alternative?

    I can't seem to get it to work unless I convert to Volume first. Is that correct?

    In Cinema, Volume to Mesh works on anything.

    The real, real answer is use Cinema! laugh

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  • Do think about other possible routes, though - for example, with those semi-circular cut-outs you might have modelled the cut out shape and the edge of the box shape, then bridged between them  to create the desired shape (probably neater, with care in selecting the number of divisions).

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    Or Plasticity... I've been trying it recently, surprisingly neat and simple.

  • here are my sceenshots from daz and blender. in export options the "apply modifiers" are on

    daz export test bl.JPG
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    daz export test daz.JPG
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  • You need to break the front face up into more polygons, making sure that they are not concave 9that is, if you put an elastic band around the polygon it touches all vertices, if one is pulled in from the imaginary band there is a good chnace that when the face is triangulated the indent will get filled it - this is what is happening to the centre hole in your screenshot).

  • so it does seem that i need to work manually a lot in those cases :(

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    You don't have to.

    As above mentioned, tick 'Triangulated Mesh' when exporting. It's just an effect of Triangulate modifier with beautified ngon...

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    i'll try that again. but as i remember when i tried that previously it [messed] up the mesh

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    Daz Studio only likes polygons with 3 or 4 sides.  5 sides or more, ngons, will cause issues.  Makes sure your mesh does not have any ngons before exporting.

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