[Supersuit related] Some questions about material surfaces by a newbie

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Heyas! I feel that Supersuit is the best thing since sliced bread and cheese.

However, it has lots and lots of material surfaces, which are at times a bit clunky. This is not an actual gripe, since I can live with it.

Now, what I want to do is merge some of the material surfaces for my custom setup, but I wonder...

1) Putting surfaces (not face groups or such) together won't make the morphs go away, right? That is affects only how materials are grouped together.

2) How do I save my personal preset surfaces, so I can load it up correctly next time? Do I just do "save material preset" in Save As menu? (I'm currently using DS4.5RC1.) Or should I save it as figure or something else?

3) If I create rigidity groups in order to, say, have a breastplate as opposed to breastplate, how should I save the object/preset then?


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    There are some videos in this thread. I think the last one is the one about saving custom morphs etc.


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    For posterity:

    Both saving as a material preset and saving as support asset/figure preserved the customized material zones. Which are lookin' mighty good right now!

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