Ok, Hexagon is working now , but...

Are the figures supposed to look like this when you import them? ( by " this " i mean flesh colored knees and head , white torso, and black hands and feet. )

1366 x 768 - 208K


  • patience55patience55 Posts: 6,988

    Hexagon can be somewhat difficult in importing textures correctly. The maps might be "flipped", on the left hand side there is a tiny arrow to open the side panes ... one of which will show materials where you can "flip" textures.

    Hexagon usually loads the textures right if you use the bridge between D/S and Hexagon.

    If you are morphing etc, I would highly recommend zapping all texture images in D/S and work with the mesh ... doesn't have to be grey, can be any colour you want. This will also help save memory in Hexagon [only a 32 bit program] allowing more memory for working.

    btw for Genesis 3; one "has to" either use the bridge OR export with "collapse the uvmaps" from D/S4.8+

  • Thanks , i'll check it out.smiley

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