ef-Steve Anyone?

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I got ef-Steve from Runtime DNA and am very happy with him.  He will only work in Poser.  This place used to have a Poser forum, but alas it's gone, but I wanted to share; this is a great figure if you're looking for an alternative male figure.  He's a lot like Apollo Maximus. He includes gens which are switched on and off in the Pose section of your runtime.  This figure may get some decent support from vendors, I know several vendors are working on new outfits for him.   Anyone else using Steve?  Post pictures if you are.

ef-Steve Sample-web.jpg
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    No idea about the character, but the poser section of the forum is still here http://www.daz3d.com/forums/categories/poser-discussion

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    This place used to have a Poser forum

    It still has one:



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  • Ooops, is it okay to keep this thread here or an the moderator move it?  Since it's "The Commons" we can talk about non Daz things here too?

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    You have a choice for a render thread like this, either Poser Forum or Art Studio, which is actually the home of members render threads.

  • So Chohole, what do you reccomend?

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    Well at the moment it is in the Poser forum, hadn't you noticed.  If you would rather it in the Art Studio, then just shout and I will move it again.  I can't honestly see you getting much of a tke up, regardless of which forum it is in.

  • I don't mind it being the Poser Forum; I've been away a while, so I feel like newbie again.  The picture I attached vanished though, I selected "attach a file" but it didn't show up.  I'll try another, if it doesn't show up any advice?

    Steve on the Beach-web.jpg
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  • Well it appears to be taking them now.  Here's the one I originally posted.

    ef-Steve Sample-web.jpg
    597 x 896 - 78K
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    I see your original one and the other 2.


  • Okay well as long as they can be seen now.  I guess not to many people have purchased Steve around here.  He doesn't have a body builder physique, but can have a more massive and muscular one without a lot of definition.  IN real world weight lifting, which I did for years, people can build muscle mass but have too much body fat--so I think the artist who designed the figure gave us a more natural look, not the hyper muscular, steroided out types which I also like--but it's good to have a more natural look depending on the type of picture you're trying to do.

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    I got Steve when he was on initial sale over there so what the heck. He comes with several skin tones and face morphs so I played around with the African tone and one of the faces. He will probably get a crossdresser product since he is from RDNA and I might throw him in the fit room if I can remember how that worked so he can wear some of Mike's clothes. I wish him well but its tough sledding for a Poser only model these days.


    ef steve african skin and head morph.jpg
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  • Runtime DNA has released a tank top, some new textures for the vest, and some new textures for the boots.  Someone over there is working on a leather jacket for him.  I think he has potentential if used for cartoons as well.  Yes there have been a bunch of abandoned 3rd party figures.  Apollo Maximus, as far as male figures go--I think the women have faired better, got the most 3rd Party Vendor support with lots of texture maps and outfits.  I'll have to check Poser World and see if they have any ef-Steve outfits, they're usually good at supporting alternate figures.

    I really like Behemoth 2--but no one ever released any clothes for him.  If they have a low price for Poser Pro 2014 prior to the release of the newest version I may upgrade to get the fitting room.

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    Does anyone know if he works in Carrara after using Fenrics converter? 

    Am curious about Scarlet too.

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    Who is Scarlet?    I am trying to decide between Steve and Dusk to be my Poser 11 Pro guy to go to (well once I get Poser 11 Pro tomorrow)

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    I think that Dusk may have more vendor support, that's one figure I'm not adding to my libary.  So for for ed-Steve we just have a few additonal cothing maps, some tattoos, but not much elese so far. I'm really wanting some new texture maps for him  with some facial and body hair--but he needs more everythday clothing.  I don't know if Phil C is planning Wardrobe Wizard support for him and I can't afford Poser Pro  for the new fitting room.  Poor Ryan has nothing to wear by a pair of shorts--I noticed that Poser World is doing some clothing for Ryan at least.  At least there occasional items for ef-Steve, The tattoos are nice, but I think they're a bit steep for what they are--only arms.

    I'm very surprised that Pauline for Poser 11 is off and running with 3rd party vendor support for new characters and textures--it's the first time in years.  It gratifies me to see a Poser only figure get some attention; but I don't think that her male counterpart, Paul is even available for download yet and I doubt if he'll get much, if any vendor support. 

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    Any word if EF Steve will be available somewhere or is he going to be discontinued?  He is currently at RDNA.

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    Looks like Steve and all of his stuff have arrived at DAZ: http://www.daz3d.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Steve

    I missed catching him in the PC+ sale, but with the holidays coming up, perhaps he'll be on sale again soon.

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    I got Steve but what freebies are out for him?  Or maybe I could start making content by making outfits for Steve.

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    I am looking back at Steve.   It looks like I have him, but wondering what merchant resouces are available for him?  I know that there is one skin resource available, but any other?  how about something to help make clothing with? 

    What is available for Steve?   I do not have much for him but it looks like he will work in the poser version I have.  I want to create stuff for him.  If I get good enough, can I sell those items here or do I have to go elsewhere?

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