OOT Christina Hair for V4 in Poser


Has anyone tried to use the new Christina Hair for V4 by Out of Touch in Poser? I have purchased the product but can't get the hair colours to change unless I change them manually in the Materials Room. I have tried using the MC6 material files that come with the product but when I click on the hair colour nothing happens. Am I missing sometthing?

Thanks for any replies.


  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 33,604
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    They work fine for me.  I just selected the hair, doubleclicked on the icon for the MC6, the colour I wanted.   This was just a draft render


    Christina hair.jpg
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  • nabob21nabob21 Posts: 600

    Well I ended up reinstalling the hair and it seems to be working okay now. An installation hiccup on my first install I guess.

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