Where can I find my platinum club membership information?

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Honestly, I dislike the new interface at all.

It has no sku number supported search, no reminder for already bought items (how can I remember all the 2000+ ordered items from the past? XD), no user-friendly order history, and no where to find the platinum club membership information!!!!!!

I have seen many "new" version of DAZ's website , but this one really gets on my verve...T_T
Could you please consider to go back to the old version before all these problems can be fixed...(sigh)
So many thanks for the efforts made. Have a nice weekend.

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    I agree. I wish they would just go back to the old site for a couple of months, then come back when they fix everything.
    They do seem determined not to give up though. (shakes head)

    To find your Platinum Club info, go to the top right of the page. Click on "My Account"
    Look on the left side of the "My Accounts" page. A little better than halfway down the long list will be "My Subscriptions."
    Click on that and you will see your info.

    Best of luck!


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    How does one go about CANCELING their PC subscription... I do monthly and no longer see a choice to remove it, so I just deleted all my CC card info... which I hope is enough, but has probably just opened up a whole new set of problems.

    PS- Thanks in advance for any info... I don't know if I'll ever be able to find this thread again since I don't always get reply notification now and the thread order is all screwed up.

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    The safest method if your in the US would be to call them to cancel.

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    Actually, I checked my subscription record and did not find any.

    However, a close check through my purchase history (700+ orders, which is), I do find very strange situation that, as I bought an annual subscription (@ US$69.96, #6901060) on 3/10/11, Daz still continues to charge me for 7.95 dollars monthly subscription from 3/10/11~6/10/12 (and the order numbers are 6901043, 7020542, 7105011, 7213474, 7302654, 7395187, 7498968, 7586705, 7684531, 7771380, 7864=3649, 8098265, 8331246, 8538612, 8641508, 100036405, respectievly)

    That is to say, my annual subscription is not used at all, although it was paid in full 15 months ago.
    And, I did not get my June monthly rewards of US$ 6.00!

    What happened? I think I seriously need technical support on this issue ASAP!

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