M3Marauders won't expand

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Okay, first I must say this is the first of many files I have bought from DAZ that has not been usable, there is a LOT of great stuff here.

i got ps_ac1186b_M3Marauders.sit yesterday and when downloaded on my Mac it tries to expand itself immediately download is finished. I have not run into that before. Then it won't expand and Stuffit Expander says that it may be damaged.
Yes, i have tried downloading again but it makes no difference.

You folks at DAZ, please fix this for me: it may be that the file is corrupted, hacked or just a dud - but I would like either a usable content file or a refund if you can't get it to work.

Also, I got a file from another supplier and its readme says it needs the "injPMD script" from the DAZ freepository. Since the freepository seems not to be available, any chance you can either send me the script or point me to where it could be found?


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    The Windows installers of that vintage are not working as they have spurious data (an error message from the server) tacked on the end. It may be that if the Mac sit is suffering the same thing the instructions in this thread on using a hex editor, assuming you can find one for the Mac, will help http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/217/ . DAZ is aware of the issue.

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    Thanks for the quick reply,
    I opened the .sit file in a hex editor as shown in the referred thread and it was the same: it even said "fatal error . . . ."
    Also, once the bit on the end of the file was removed it opened as expected.
    Great ! :)

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