Bra and Corset Morphs for Genesis.

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Well the Title of this thread pretty much tells you what I want for Genesis.

The reason I am making this request is because a woman's body tends to be shaped by the underclothes she wears.
A full coverage bra shapes the breast differently from a push up bra. Even vintage bras are cut and shaped differently from today. For clothes to look realistic, Genesis has to look like she is wearing SOMETHING underneath unless one is rendering her to look like she has no support.
Same goes with corsets. I'm hoping to see more historical clothes for Genesis and she will need corset morphs to make the clothes look historically correct.
Medival stays, italian renessaince, tudor, 18th century stays, victorian, and edwardian are good places to start.

Of course having this set of morphs, you are going to NEED some underclothes to go with it.;-P

Everyone seems to want the Genesis breasts to look natural, I want her to look like she is wearing a bra.


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    Well, the females generally do have an in-bra shape -that's why there's a Natural morph for unsupported breasts. But I take your point about needing different shapes for different designs of underwear.

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