[Coming Soon] Mando (R-41 Starchaser) Pirate Snub Fighter [Commercial]

Pirate Snub Fighter-R-41 Starchaser (For 3D Printing & CGI)

Somehow this model has overtaken my other projects and leapfrogged to the front of the queue. Inspired by space vehicles that appeared in the Star Wars Disney+ show The Mandalorian Season 3, I wanted to fast track this model and get it out there while the last season of Mando was still fresh in people's minds. Appearing in a few key sequences and episodes of the show, this was the spacecraft used by the Pirate Raiders to terrorise Nevarro. Cool as they look, they were no match for Mando in his shiny new N-1 Starfighter.

Engaging in research to see if I could discover what ship the Pirate Snub Fighters were, because they looked somewhat familiar to me, I concluded that these were most likely a modern take on a space fighter that appeared in one of the old X-Wing PC games, the R-41 Starchaser. On gathering screenshots of the starfighter, and concept art of it from the end credits, I realised that with the research I'd done, I could probably pull off a pretty accurate model of the ship.

And so the work commenced. It would have been done earlier if not for the likes of Star Wars Celebration and a few other festivities over the month, but today I finally wrapped this up and could call it done. It is not neccessarily entirely accurate to what you see on screen, but it is accurate as I could make it given the reference currently available, and I have taken a little creative licence in a few places. Nevertheless, I think you'll find this to be the most accurate depiction of this ship currently out there, and I hope you'll enjoy it on release.

Now, in a similar fashion to that Alien Hunter Shuriken Weapon model that is also being currently worked on, this project is leading with a version of the asset designed to be 3D printed. So it has been broken up into parts like a kit, and all the meshes are watertight so as to work in the real world. The asset design stage is now finished, and the parts have been sent off to be test printed so that tweaks can be made if neccesary, parts can be further broken down if needed, to optimise the 3D printing process of the asset, and hopefully with a little luck this will soon be ready to go to market. I'm really excited about this one, and can't wait to see the first 3D parts roll off the production line. Once this is done I will work on a CGI version which will be optimised for CG use, but will most likely also gain some additional features such as landing gear, and perhaps a cockpit interior. So watch out for that as well as the 3D printable version.

Here's a couple of work in progress images for you to enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled for the release, and once again, many thanks to my partner on this project, who will be providing test prints to help prototype this model for market. Exciting times ahead people.


1280 x 720 - 139K
1280 x 720 - 187K
1280 x 720 - 128K
1280 x 720 - 126K
1280 x 720 - 160K
1280 x 720 - 185K
1280 x 720 - 160K
1280 x 720 - 141K
1280 x 720 - 157K
1280 x 720 - 317K


  • I have a quick update for anyone interested in the 3D printable Pirate Snub Fighter (R-41 Starchaser) as featured in The Mandalorian Season 3. I can now confirm that the prototype test print of this asset has now been completed without issue. All the parts fit together without any problems, and I'm happy to say the print came out looking great. So I'll now be looking at getting this ready to go to market. I may wait until I get some photos of the seperate parts, cured and primed, to show that aspect in the promotional material, but effectively this is good to go now. So I'll be getting the ball rolling and get this asset out the door and to you guys as swiftly as I can.


    So once again, watch this space. The release of the Pirate Snub Fighter is now imminent.

  • Hi again guys, a few updates on this today. First up, here are a couple of renders that represent the components that go together to make this 3D Print ready asset.

    1280 x 720 - 141K
    1280 x 720 - 169K
    1280 x 720 - 204K
    1280 x 720 - 202K
  • And now we finally have some pics of the cured and primed prototype to share with you all, so you can get an idea of what the final printed model looks like, and the size of the thing. I think it looks pretty impressive, but judge for yourself. Also included here is a last render of the component parts that go into building this thing.





    2560 x 1440 - 781K
    2560 x 1440 - 1M
    2048 x 1246 - 714K
    2048 x 1536 - 443K
    2048 x 1623 - 580K
    2048 x 1536 - 493K
    2048 x 1536 - 730K
    2048 x 1060 - 453K
    2048 x 1536 - 711K
    2048 x 1536 - 597K
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    Very Cool!

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    It has been a while, so I just wanted to provide you all with an update on this. It has been somewhat delayed due to Daz wanting me to release this with a Daz Engine friendly asset as well as the 3D printable version, together in a package, when my original plan was to release them separately, due to all the additional detail I'd want to include for the Daz version of this asset, as the needs for each version are quite different. In addition to this delay, being the summer, and having kids, this has slowed things down by quite a bit.


    But now we have good news. I've been producing the second iteration of the printable version of this asset, and that includes a lot of the additional detail that I would want to add to a Daz 3D version of it, and this is now complete. Additional features include a fully detailed cockpit interior and working opening canopy, deployed landing gear so the asset can be displayed in both landed and flight modes, and a few other tweaks here and there. This means that this asset is a significant step closer to a Daz 3D release. The asset will need to be adjusted and optimised for Daz 3D use, rather than being a working real world 3D object, and it will need texturing, and possibly animations for operating the landing gear and canopy, but still, much closer. So keep your eyes peeled for this coming soon. 


    In the meantime, here are some renders of the newer fully detailed version of this asset. I think you will agree, this will look great in Daz.

    1280 x 720 - 380K
    1280 x 720 - 302K
    1280 x 720 - 263K
    1280 x 720 - 401K
    1280 x 720 - 375K
    1280 x 720 - 342K
    1280 x 720 - 175K
    1280 x 720 - 107K
    1280 x 720 - 105K
    1280 x 720 - 106K
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  • Here's a last update of the year on the R-41 Starchaser - Pirate Snub Fighter before the Holidays kick in with full force for Xmas.


    A little animation to show the moving parts for the CG version (coming soon to Daz).


    Oh, and also, Merry Christmas. 


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