HELP ME: COnfused DSON and Importing

Hi guys
OK. I already installed G and G2 . When I load the figures by double clicking they load perfectly.
BUT as I load some clothing, some of them fits great others don't. To make thing worse, is EXTREMELY heavy to pose a figure!!!!
Is that ok?... it's that normal?. Its not like posing M4 o V4.. is frustrating!. Should I load all the G2 figure by double clicking o using the DSON importer Python? Loading the .duf ???
I'm confused here! Please help me. One more thing if I load a new hair and try to use on M4, it load like parented!. And I cannot move it to fix it on M4 head. I tried parenting with universe and stiil is glued to his head.
I m getting frustrated here!. Thinking of uninstall EVERYTHING and go back to my old figures!. Im using Poser Pro 2012 64 Bit.
Thank you so much for your help!


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  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,494

    The DSON importer does indeed slow down the viewport.

    If clothing  doesn't fit properly on Genesis 1 or 2, select the clothing and  go to Scripts>DSON Support>transfer Active morphs.   There may still be pokethrough in some tight clothing, because the Importer doesn't support collision decection, but it can be fixed with the Morph Brush Tool.

    M4 isn't a Genesis figure, but is a native Poser figure.  Is the hair pictured specifically for M4? 

  • Hi WandW ! Thanks for your help.

    No it's not. I just thought I could use the hair on M4. Shame I can not

    This whole thing is so frustrating. I really enjoyed getting new content here, but with all this. I think I will stop using 3d art

    and go back to traditional art. Thanks you so much for you help!

  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,494

    Since it is a short hair, load it and not conform it to M4, but instead parent it to his head.  You can then use the y-translate control in the  Body of the hair figure to get it to the top of his head, and adjust it with the x & z translate and the x,y,z scale controls...

  • Your poser runtime structure is more fussy that you likely imagine.

    When i started using DSON, I made these mistakes:

    1) I included the DS 4.x runtime in power

    2) I pointed Poser to one of my Poser runtimes as the "writable" runtime.

    the problem with the first, is that literally anything in the 'data' directory MIGHT make your PZ3 larger (even stuff which doesn't work well in Poser). Therefore, i started a seperate 'DSON for poser runtime" into which I only copied the 'data' and 'runtime' stuff I wanted & planned to use. doubles my disk usage? maybe, but disks are cheap these days (I have a 2TB for data and 3TB expternal for backup).

    The second problem is the DSON tool is demanding not a 'writeable runtime', but the ACTUAL runtime which holds the 'data' files. really weird stuff (like things not fitting) happen if you in effect are pointing DSOn to 2 different runtime (one the 'writable one', and the other the official one).

    So now, I merely allow DS and the DIM installer to have their way with the DAZ3d content (& it's runtime), then when I find something I really want in Poser, I reinstall by hand, taking only the 'data' and 'runtime' files.

  • ajmartiajmarti Posts: 25

    Thanks WandW! Thanks LynZem!

    I'm really not a pro in this. I just use Poser and Daz content for my comics; since is getting complicated 

    i think i will not use it anymore. To make things worse, I'm using Mac and this El Capitan system does not allow me

    to even open Poser because of the DSON... Im very sad 'cause I loved Daz stuff... but not their software.

    Thanks anyways

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